Thursday, March 3, 2011

Introduction to MaguWorldwide

Who we are and what we do:

MaguWorldwide is a Consultancy Serving Entrepreneurs

It is no secret that a very high percentage of startups and small businesses fail because of their lack of administrative, accounting, and finance skills. While having great strengths in the technical areas the founders have brought to the business many are burdened with great weaknesses in marketing and sales. We know we can assist.
MaguWorldwide will assign, to each client, a multi-disciplined group of professionals to serve as interim administrators, planners, and marketing and sales consultants.  We do those things that our clients don't want to do, know how to do, and don’t have the time to do. Or, that we are able to do more efficiently.
Our focus is now on how to make their businesses make money. The more our clients learn from us the better off they become. But our first obligation is to do those things that will build successful businesses.

What We Need:

As you can see, our business model appears to be overweighed for one client. The fact is we are focusing on several organizations that represent more than five prospects, each needing our assistance. This approach offers the organization and the individual small businesses a one-stop shop.
We are looking for candidates for our skunkworks. If you have one of the disciplines mentioned we would like to hear from you.

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